Checking Your Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Balance Made Easy



Thanks to advances in digital banking, keeping track of one’s accounts in today’s fast-paced world is simpler and more convenient than ever. A regional rural bank, Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank (UBGB) is dedicated to making banking easy and stress-free for its clients. UBGB provides a number of convenient options for checking your account balance, an essential part of sound money management. This post will discuss the different ways that you can use the modern convenience of technology to check your UBGB account balance.

Checking Your Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Balance Made Easy
Checking Your Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Balance Made Easy

On-line Banking

Internet banking is one of the simplest ways to view your account balance with Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank. Customers of UBGB have access to their accounts around the clock via safe and reliable online banking services. To begin, visit any UBGB location to enroll in online banking and obtain your user ID and password. To use them, just do the following.

  1. Check out, the UBGB’s official website.
  2. Select “Internet Banking” or “Login” from the menu that appears.

Input your Login Name and Password at c.

Your account balance and transaction history are accessible in d. after navigating to the account balance section.

UBGB also provides a convenient mobile banking app that can be obtained through the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app’s installation makes it possible to check one’s account balance with minimal effort:

  1. Launch the UBGB banking application.
  2. Enter your login information (Username/Email and Password).
  3. Go with the “Account Balance” menu item.
  4. Instantly see your available balance on the screen.

Banking Via SMS

SMS banking is available through UBGB for consumers who prefer older, more affordable mobile devices. Here’s how to use short message service (SMS) to look up your account balance:

Provide your cell phone number to the financial institution and associate it with your account.

Create a new message with the following format: BALAccount Number>.

Here’s an illustration: BAL1234567890 (substitute your account number for 1234567890).

UBGB’s designated SMS banking number and send the message there.

A text message with your account balance will be sent to you in response.

Retrieval of Missed Calls

You can also verify your UBGB account balance without access to the internet by using the Missed Call Service. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Verify your UBGB account has your mobile phone number associated with it.
  2. Contact the bank’s Missed Call Service using the designated number provided (often a free-to-call one).

After a set number of rings, the call will automatically end. c.

 Your account balance information will be sent to you through text message shortly thereafter.


Maintaining a regular check on your account balance is a crucial part of sound financial management and planning. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank provides its clients with a number of options for quickly and easily accessing their account balances since it values its customers’ time. UBGB provides a number of convenient banking options, including online banking, mobile banking apps, SMS banking, and the instantaneous Missed Call Service. UBGB guarantees your continued financial management by implementing these cutting-edge banking technology. You can now see your UBGB account balance information in whichever way is most convenient for you.