How much does a container house cost in India?


A container house is constructed from one or more large containers that are linked, stacked, and assembled to create a single-story or multi-story living area. A shipping container’s strength and longevity have made it highly popular in many nations. The fact that residing in an Indian container home has no negative environmental effects is its best feature. India has not yet accepted container homes as a feasible type of housing.

container house
container house

Container houses in India: An overview

Container residence Although it is still not extremely well known, India is gradually becoming more so. In contrast, the shipping container home has become extremely popular worldwide and is currently regarded as one of the hottest designs for living quarters. Together, the container home design and plans enable the construction of the coziest and most fashionable building. In India, a container home is often constructed using two common container sizes: 40 by 8 feet and 20 by 8 feet. Container homes have become popular for a variety of reasons, including:

Building container homes for the homeless as an affordable housing option has been embraced by numerous international non-governmental organizations. It is possible to move this container home. One can relocate their container homes to new areas. Another significant problem facing the planet is housing storage. The problem can be quickly solved with container dwellings. Similar to prefabricated homes, it can be moved to the desired site.

These are simple to assemble and provide instant relief to those affected by disasters. Compared to traditional dwellings, container houses are less expensive. Bengaluru is the home of India’s first container home, which was constructed five years ago. The Indian public has not yet embraced the novel idea of container housing, despite the growing popularity of mobile offices, mobile medical services, and mobile classrooms. Renowned Indian designer. In areas close to farms and rural areas, people have also begun adding shipping container houses as an extension to their farmhouses or vacation homes. It would take some time for luxury container homes in India to gain traction there.

How much does a container house cost in India?

In India, the average cost of a container house is approximately Rs. 5 lakh. For anyone looking for a mobile and environmentally sustainable dwelling, container houses are reasonably priced in India.

India’s List of Exquisite Container Houses

For extra money, they have also decided to sell their opulent container home. Your dream container home is readily available in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Kerala. All throughout the nation, a large number of container home construction companies are listing their homes for sale.

Conclusion: India is home to a large number of manufacturers who sell both new and used shipping containers online. Before you buy any containers, you must visit the website to verify its legitimacy and read user reviews. The total cost of your container home will depend on how many containers you have. Decide on your desired interior design, features, and quality, as well as the size of your container. Items that people throw away or do not use can also be repurposed. This will reduce how much it costs to build a container home.