Understanding Neevilas Plots: A Comprehensive Overview


The primary sources of revenue for real estate investors are appreciation, rental income, and profits from businesses that depend on the property. Leverage, tax benefits, diversity, steady cash flow, and passive income are some of the advantages of real estate investing.

What should you know about Neevilas?

Neevilas is a company that provides affordable DDA-approved plots alongside plots for schools, hospitals, and nursing homes; plots for banks and ATMs; plots for PG and student accommodation; plots for gyms; and new industrial plots in Delhi.

Understanding Neevilas Plots: A Comprehensive Overview
Understanding Neevilas Plots: A Comprehensive Overview

What types of plots does Neevilas provide?

Neevilas helps you find various kinds of plots to meet your needs. Some of the options include:

  1. Plots for schools
  2. Plots for hospitals
  3. Plots for nursing homes
  4. Plots for ATMs and banks
  5. Plots for student accommodations such as hostels and PG.
  6. Plots for gyms
  7. Plots for building various industries
  8. Plots for building restaurants.

What is the price per square yard of the plots provided by Neevilas?

The usual price for the plots provided by Neevilas is ₹58,000 per square yard.

Why should Neevilas be your go-to option for plot buying?

Prime Locations: Their plots are situated in some of Delhi’s most desirable areas, offering excellent development potential and quick access to vital facilities.

Easy Ownership: Since every one of our plots has received DDA approval, they can guarantee their clients an easy ownership experience.

Genuine Countryside Experience: For individuals seeking a respite from the rush of city life, their selection of Lal Dora plots in Delhi offers a genuine countryside experience.

Business Expansion: They provide plots, buildings, and warehouses for rent in key locations, making our new industrial plots in Delhi the ideal place for businesses to grow and expand.

Clear Pricing: They support clear pricing that includes no additional charges or hidden expenses. You can rely on them to give your customers the most value for their money.

Budget-Friendly Options: To accommodate purchasers on a tight budget, they provide a selection of plot sizes, including 50, 100, 200, and 500 gaj, with options starting at less than 10 and 20 lakhs.

Customer happinessis their first priority, and they are committed to giving them the best service and support possible during their relationship with them.

How do I get in touch with Neevila’s homes?

One can get in touch via their website by putting in their contact information and waiting for a call back, which does not take long given the amazing customer service provided by Neevilas, or one can visit their office located in Delhi for a more personal experience and a personal touch. One can also call the number provided on the website.

Conclusion: The real estate market in Delhi has a long history of substantial capital growth. Over time, properties in desirable locations or areas seeing rapid development typically experience significant value gains. Plots and properties in Delhi can be profitable investments in the near future. Neevilas will take care of everything for you, so you can be sure that the properties you view are both safe and appealing to you.