What is net worth of Mukesh Ambani?


Mukesh Ambani’s salary as chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries is said to be around INR 15 million. His net worth is estimated to be around $108 billion, making him the 9th richest person in the world.

Net worth of Mukesh Ambani
Net worth of Mukesh Ambani

His wealth mainly stems from his investment in Reliance Industries, which has significant holdings in several sectors, including petrochemicals and oil refining. and gas. , textiles, retail and telecommunications.

Reliance Industries, with operations in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecommunications, retail, and financial services, is led and managed by Mukesh Ambani and has $110 billion in revenue.

During the Covid-19 shutdown, Ambani raised over $20 billion by selling a third of Jio to several investors including Facebook and Google. Reliance owns Forbes Media’s licensed Reton18.

His late father, textile merchant Dhirubhai Ambani, launched Reliance in 1966. After the death of their father in 2002, Ambani and his younger brother Anil divided the family empire. Reliance Jio’s telecommunications and broadband service has almost 450 million subscribers. In August 2023, Reliance listed its financial arm Jio Financial Services.

Ambani turns Reliance into green energy. In addition to creating a new complex close to its refinery, the business plans to invest $80 billion in renewable energy over the next 10 to 15 years. In August 2023, Ambani’s three kids becme board members of Reliance. Son Akash runs Jio; daughter Isha oversees retail and financial services; and younger son Anant works in the energy sector.

Ambani also has assets in real estate and other investments that add to his total net worth. Mukesh Ambani is known for owning several luxurious houses and properties in India and around the world. Some of his notable properties include:

Antilia: a 27-story skyscraper in Mumbai, India, considered one of the most expensive private residences in the world.

Stoke Park Estate: a 300-acre estate purchased in 2015 for over INR 500,000. London, England.

Dubai Villa: A large villa in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah has been bought for over $80 million and is said to be the most expensive real estate purchase in Dubai to date.

Mukesh Ambani has notable cars include:

Ferrari SF90 Stradale: a luxury sports hybrid popular with corporate executives and VVIPs.

BMW 7 Series: Another luxury sedan known for its comfort, efficiency and technology.

Rulla-Royce Phantom: a premium luxury car. known for its timeless design and classic style.

Mercedes-Maybach Benz S660 Guard: a luxury car known for its spacious interior, advanced comfort and cutting-edge technology.

After Reliance shares surged on the Indian stock market, Ambani’s net worth increased significantly and he became a member of the $100 billion club. This made him $2.8 billion richer than the previous day. Reliance Industries shares Limited is 2023. 22 percent at the lowest. level of the year. October 2018, when the company announced its quarterly results. Mukesh Ambani owns 42 percent of the company, which has led to a significant increase in his net worth after the stock rally. Ambani is also one of only 12 people in the world who belong to the $100 billion club like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.