Bizkhata Launched By Airtel Payment Bank


Bizkhata is a current bank account offered by Airtel Payment Bank launched in Feb 2023 which is originally designed for the welfare of the small vendors, and to help them regulate and control their money at one platform.

There was a huge market gap between the consumers and the banks and Airtel took the opportunity and launched its Bizkhata current account for the merchants which can open a current account while solving the problem of keeping some specific minimum amount to keep the account active.


Features and benefits of using Bizkhata :

Past Transaction Record: – it become so flexible for the merchants to keep their record of debiting and crediting the transactions.

One-click account activation – airtel made this easy for us to open the account instantly with a few clicks and do the transcations.

Zero balance Account – it’s hard to keep a current account active with zero balance but Airtel has made this possible for the merchants.

No-limit transactions – we used to think before doing transactions because it had a certain limit and we had to pay a charge for that too, but Bizkhata provides us with the unique feature of doing unlimited debits and credits in your current account.

Sweep Out Excessive amount – one of the key features of this current account is the limit of specific amounts gets crossed so the remaining amount goes to a different bank account which sweeps out automatically.

Acceptance of QR code – every merchant is being allotted or provided with a specific QR code which makes it easy to accept the payment through UPI applications.

All in one platform – airtel has aligned different problems of the merchants and tried solving every problem in the form of Bizkhata current account in the Airtel payment bank.

Efficient recordkeeping – keep proper track of past orders.

Easy cross-platform digital payment – small merchants can receive and send payments to any banks across IMPS, UPI, NEFT, and IFT. This helps it keep the right record till the end of the month.

Easy to use UI – the UI is made in such a way that every merchant can maximize the usage of BIzkhata, and reduce the manpower to keep the record of everything in a simple, sorted way.

24 *7 Customer support – airtel gives customer support 24*7 to help the merchants sort out any problem in realtime and give them the best advice to use the application efficiently and smoothly. It can guide us regarding our finances too.

Airtel almost solves plenty of merchant problems by finding one simple solution that can work perfectly in every aspect that a big owner needs and would be way better to make and sit one person to keep a record of every small thing, and the result is to use Bizkhata for paying diversified bills, auto sweeping, efficient recordkeeping. Easy cross-platform digital payment

Overall it’s a great option for small vendors and small business owners and helps them

Simply, affordably, and conveniently to sort their finances.