How to Open a Jio Payment Bank Account?


Jio Payment Bank offers a virtual account that we will work with fair a couple of clicks within the app, it is exceptionally simple to oversee your reserves in many tabs.

Jio Payment Bank
Jio Payment Bank

It has two ways of opening an account in Jio Payment Bank. 

[1] Directly through the Jio Payment Bank Application or from their portal.

Firstly, install the Jio payment bank app from the App Store or Play Store.

Browse within the application and go to the “Bank” tab.
Now click on “open an account” and select “saving account” in the Application.

Now, you need to do some formalities to go further, which include your KYC, Aadhar card verification entering your OTP, and clicking your image too for the verification.

Now go further and go inside the Application and it will ask you to enter your MPIN (Mobile banking Personal Identification Number).

Now browse further and move on to the last verification which would be of your Gmail and your Mobile number.
After completing these rules, your Jio Payment bank account has been created, you are good to go!

[2] From the Offline Jio Payment bank store.

Firstly, you need to track or find the nearest Jio payment bank store near you or you can locate it from their application too.

Now, you need to consult regarding the opening of your new savings bank account in the Jio payment bank.

They will ask you for your verification IDs for your KYCs which include an Aadhar card, PAN card GMAIL, and your verified mobile number. (Optional if you wish to do a transaction exceeding 2 lakhs).
Now enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number.

Now, the Customer care executive will guide you, on how to fill the applicant form.

Once your documents have been verified from Jio`s end, you are good to go and do transactions.


To be eligible for having a bank account you must be 18+ years of age.

Your nationality has to be Indian.

You must have your Aadhar card ID or the Aadhar number which is mandatory for opening your bank account in online as well as offline mode as well.

A PAN card is also required but only if you’re willing to do a transaction of above 2 lakhs.


Accessibility: – it is exceptionally simple to get to your bank account in the Jio Payment bank Application. Within a few clicks, you can do a transaction from the application.

Zero Balance account: – The most esteemed and unique feature is opening an account at zero Balance, now you don’t need to keep some specific amount to keep your account active.

Bill Payments: it contains an incredible feature of doing payment of diversify bills and has cashback too on the transactions, and the edge feature allows you to shop from the application.

Bank Statement: it gives you with the bank statements on the application for which we have to wait in the long queues outside the banks.